Slightly Off Kilter

Slightly Off Kilter

Meadowlark Gardens has lots of these areas around the park. They all have names on them and they are memorials for various people. Make a donation and get a bench or some chairs. This one was a bit fancier trellis thing over it. Even if it was slightly off kilter.

This image was done in HDR. It’s more subtle than normal but its there. The one thing I didn’t want to do was mess with the bench area too much. The trees and stuff around it were fair game. One of the issue with HDR is you are blending lots of images together. This isn’t a problem if your target is stable and not moving. On a windy day this can be a problem. Even with removing ghosting you are still going to have motion blur because you are using a low ISO and slow shutter speeds. If you crank up the shutter speed, you are going to need to turn up the ISO which in HDR means noise and its unavoidable. To compensate for this I take one image, edit it normal then blend it in. You can’t get too too crazy on the blending because it throws the image off balance with the HDR areas. So you have to be subtle. 

Once I got it someone normal I then loaded into Nik Color Efex Pro and used Pro Contrast and Vibrance & Saturation. The image was a bit too green so I loaded in Indian Summer and tweaked it out to add some reds and golds to the image. Give it some warmth. Then brought it back into Photoshop.

More blending followed then some burning to reduce the glare as much as possible and punch the shadows up. Then called it a day.

I’m still no master at HDR. Still learning it. Rumor has it I have something on the order of 25+ hours in plane travel coming up this month so more time to watch videos and figure things out.



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  1. I love the photos of Meadowlark Gardens. Your comments are right on target. I guess the ground and the trellis didn’t work well together. I love the Morning Glories reaching up to climb on it. I would have loved to visit this great park but since I probably will never visit, the photos give me almost as good. I have this one for my viewer. Nice.

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