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Early Fall Colors

While the weather has remained warm the leaves are starting to turn colors. Seeing how I look down on the neighborhood while I am at work I saw this view in a office I normally don’t wander into too often. I set the camera up on a mini tripod that I carry and set the shutter delay to 2 seconds and took several images. The scene reminds me of some some rural town. Reality is those are million dollar homes in a major metropolitan area.

This is the first time in post processing that I really used the haze slider in Lightroom. It basically adds contrast to the image which is why I avoid it. I just gave it a try because the image was shot through a less than clean glass window. I was very pleased with the result. After that brought into Photoshop and the usual magic applied. I do tend to use Nik Efex Pro and run Pro Contrast and Vibrance & Saturation filters on my landscapes. Just gives it nice results. Then a bit of dodging and burning and good to.

Shot with my Sony RX100M3.




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I love the fall photo. It is the only glimpse of the fall colors I will see. I am hoping the photographer takes many while Mother Nature turns on the colors for us all to enjoy. The photographer always amasses me with how he has taken the photo. The photos are great. I will add this to my photo machine so I can enjoy when I want. No more desktop for awhile. A special photo will stay for awhile.

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