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Flying Dramatic Skies

This image was taken after I took Lonesome Traveler shot that I published on Tuesday. The Tuesday shot was the first time I think I have ever published the plane I have flown in an image. Usually I never get a clear shot of the plane so it never happens. This time, because I went to a different gate area I managed a shot of the plane I was going to fly.

I really like the skies in this image. I was a bit worried that my flight was going be delayed because as I was being driven to the airport lightening was streaking in the sky and they tend to not let planes fly when there is lightening. I have been on a plane that has been hit. We were coming into Amsterdam and I saw a bright flash off the wing and then the pilot came on explaining said bright flash was indeed lightening striking the wing. The plane was fine and we landed normally at Schiphol Airport.

How the above relates to the image I have no idea. Still, enjoy.


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Nice photo. The clouds seemed to own the sky that week. Rain, lighting, and thunder were everywhere we went. We did see a lot of flashing lightening heading to the airport. I am glad they did not ground the plane, although another day with my son would have been nice! I enjoyed his company very much.

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