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Boat On The Potomac

Apologies in advance if the quality is sketchy on this image. I am editing on a 13″ screen so trying to get a full view at a resolution that would make the image look good is impossible.

This was shot on my first time out with my Sony A7R. No idea what lens I had on the camera as EXIF never comes through on manual focus glass. Still, I like the image.

The bridge is the Memorial Bridge that leads into Arlington National Cemetery and the house you see on the hill is Robert E. Lee’s house. Of the lesser known facts about Arlington National Cemetery was that it was done on Robert E. Lee’s property to bury Union dead during the civil war when they ran out of room at other military cemeteries.




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The photo is nice. The Potomac River and the boater slowly moving along. You have pointed out so many nice sited nearby and the facts about Arlington Cemetery was part of Robert E. Lees land. Nice fats to know. I enjoyed.

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