At The Feet Of Buddha

At The Feet Of Buddha

So I was on the National Harbor for a photo excursion. I took the water taxi over and only had a two hour window to shoot and I was nearing the time to get back to catch the boat back to where I parked my car. It was a hot day and as is my tradition when I am out for shooting I stop and enjoy a beer at some point. I happened to wander into Grace’s Mandarin¬†for my beer and to get out of the heat. It was empty and so I cooled off for a bit and chatted with the bartender then said my goodbyes and was heading to the exit. As I was walking out I saw the giant Buddha and reached into my pocket and pulled out my Sony RX100M3. I asked the security guy if it was ok if I took the picture and he said sure as the room was empty. Fired off a couple shots and went to retrieve my tripod with my Sony A7R attached to it. The door man asked me if it was a A7 and I said yes, the R version. He was keenly interested in it so I let him take a peak and play with it a bit. He asked me how much I paid and his jaw hit the floor. I really did get it for a song. Said good bye and was off to catch a boat.

For the image itself I really wanted to capture the lush atmosphere of the Buddha and the cool light coming in. So did the usual curves adjustments and dodging and burning. Then bumped the saturation of the yellows and reds. Very happy with the image and how it came out.




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