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Out Of The Darkness

Title curtesy of Pantera’s Cowboys From Hell. Must give a RIP to Dimebag Darrell, the Pink Beard in the Sky. Start Googling now for your heavy metal history lesson. The title also works for this post because it was shot in San Antonio, Texas and Pantera was from Dallas. Close enough.

I shot a lot in San Antonio but it was done for HDR and as I have ventured forth into HDR photography I noticed some issues that I am still working on. Still, some of the images were really good and I hated to waste them in an attempt to try and use them for HDR. Since the basis of HDR is bracketed images I just took one of the images and edited it normally. This image is the first of batch.

I really liked monochrome for this image because it gave the effect of darkness and then the light much more drama then the color version. Plus the tones in the light give you contrast with the rest of the image. I also liked how at the end of the tunnel there were silhouettes of people either heading into the darkness or out into the light.

Nothing fancy post processing wise. The conversion was done in Photoshop and then curves and dodging and burning to get the effect I was looking for.


Out Of the Darkness


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The River Walk in San Antonio has some amassing architecture around the river. I see you can walk under the walkways. There seems to be two people heading in and two heading out or standing and chatting. The dark and the light is nice contrast to the photo. I enjoyed.

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