Oh Albert!

Oh Albert!

I can’t play the points if you know it for this title. It’s rather obscure but its comes from the movie Young Einstein. The movie takes liberty with history and makes Albert Einstein an Australian from Tasmania and his entire quest for scientific knowledge is based on putting bubbles in beer (highly worthwhile in my opinion).

The movie follows Young Albert across Australia where he meets other great scientific minds in various situations and his love interest is a Marie Curie who gives the statement “Oh Albert!”, during a romantic interlude in a very French accent. Funny in that because Marie Curie was actually Polish who later became a naturalized French citizen.

While all this has little to do with the image it brings me to it now that the useless background info for the title was explained.

The statue itself is in Washington, DC and is outside the National Academy of Sciences. This statue is always crowded with tourists and locals alike and you will often see everyone from children to adults climbing on it for a picture. So when I stumbled upon it empty I quickly setup the camera and tripod and fired off a few shots.

This image also represents my return to full frame photography. I acquired a Sony A7R at a price that I could not pass up. So I sold off a bunch of other gear to finance the purchase. I own no Sony lenses so I bought an adapter for all the lovely Minolta lenses I have acquired over the years and was in business.

This image was shot with a Minolta 35mm 2.8 that is somewhere around 50+ years old. With Sony’s focus peaking I just wait for the image to have yellow lines where I want them and I take the shot. Now I have an excuse why I own so much manual focus glass!

So while there is a lot of squiggly bits (words) to explain this one image somewhat uninteresting image of a statue of Albert Einstein, I personally like it. You can really tell the difference when you have 36.4 megapixels to work with!




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  1. I know nothing about cameras and I do not take very good photos. I like the facts of the movie which I have not seen. I like the photo because it brings out the details of Albert Einstein. You see surface texture which brings you to the main focus, Einstein, even the moss growing on him. It is as though you are standing before the statue taking in the details. Very nice.

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