Early Morning Working Blues

Early Morning Working Blues

I had to do two weeks of going in early for work recently. I have to do this to beat the fine Washington DC traffic else what is a 25 minute drive can turn into a 90 minute nightmare. For those that know me, to say I am not a morning person is an understatement. Mornings and I aren’t on speaking terms for the most part and the time I was showing up for work was the time I usually woke up.

I made the best of this and figured I might as well do a few images since I would have a camera with me. Shooting through glass that is streaked with dirt and dried rain makes an interesting experience but I used my Olympus 45mm (90mm eq) with a lens hood and my hand to shield outside light to take the snap and was pleased with it.

I realize “landscape” photography is all about being horizontal but sometimes you need to work with what nature gives you and a horizontal wasn’t going to allow me to capture the giant hole in the clouds that had diffused the light so brilliantly so I went vertical.

There is a lot going on in this image with light, tones and textures all over the place but I really liked how it came out in the end.

So enjoy the early morning working blues.

PS – I get asked by people what did the original out of camera look like? I have included it as the second image. If you believe that post processing is evil I would just move on right now. If you want to see where you imagination can lead you then enjoy.




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