Afternoon In Matlacha

Afternoon In Matlacha

This is an image I shot in April when I was down in Florida. I was asked why I didn’t have any of Matlacha, Florida and I answered that I wasn’t happy with them.┬áStill I went back through and did some editing and as I hinted at yesterday its in HDR.

This image was shot using my Ricoh GR and I combined a lot of what I learned from HDR and the newest editing techniques I have picked up to get this image to close to where I want it. Perfect by no stretch of the imagination because the two styles are at opposite ends of the spectrum. One shoots for hyper realism and the other shoots for looking like you were taking psychedelic drugs. So I tried to make something that looked like I was coming down from a really good acid trip. A happy medium but still having a lot of acid in my system (For the record I have never done acid. Just basing it on friends and the Ozzy song Flying High Again).

So enjoy the afternoon in Matlacha.


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