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The Path

This one is a bit more HDR then others recently. I liked the darker tones on the jungle but wanted the path to stand out a bit so I just masked in a different color path till I got it to where I wanted it. Still learning all this stuff but I am finding I can appreciate what I turn out now versus just toss it aside and saying its garbage.

For inquiring minds it was shot on Sanibel Island near the Lighthouse Pier (I think thats what its called) and it was the path that lead through what felt like jungle canopy. Having spent enough time in Thailand and seeing what counts as “forest” it was damn similar. So it shall be dubbed jungle!


The Path

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We liked Sanibel’s Jungle! Lots of vegetation on the island. The path leads you to Lighthouse Beach. The color of the fallen leaves add a touch of golden sunlight to the path. We enjoyed your photo but decided the sky over the Caloosahatchee River would stay on the desktop. So many nice photos you have given us from your adventures in SW Florida.

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