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Gone Fishing

This is a shot from underneath the causeway that connects Sanibel Island to the mainland. It was a hot fishing location as it turned out. I was there to get some shots but saw this guy who apparently didn’t mind some stranger coming up and setting up a tripod and firing off a bunch of shots. While we had no verbal communications I’m pretty sure he posed as he kept changing his stance as I was line up shots. I was fine with it as he added to the shot instead of taking away from


Gone Fishing

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Love the Gulf. It offers so much to many people. Water looked choppy I hope he hooked a fish or two. He has a nice spot with some shade. Need that in SW Florida. L and I do love the causeway beach. We are just two water loving ladies. The photo got the honor spot today on the desktop.

This is cool. I have been to the causeway a lot, but never to the end. It. Certainly looks different from the beach areas.
I love that you discovered a new “model”. He cuts quiet a figure in the shadows.

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