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The Muse

This is Baltimore City Hall.  I have shot this building more than any other building in my photo collection.  For whatever reason when I am in Baltimore I always take a picture of it.  I have to say this one is my favorite because I finally has a wide lens on the camera.  In this case it was the Ricoh GR that was with me.  I edited film like because the building is of an older style so black and white film and with the grain kept in.  Normally I’m obsessive about getting my skies clean of noise and I can layer it in Photoshop till its gone but I went with the film look so it stayed.  Speaking of film, I own a Leica film camera now.  It might motivate me to shoot a complete roll and not kill it by not really knowing what to do with film.  Remains to be seen. Until then, enjoy.

The Muse

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We like your Baltimore City Hall. The architecture is beautiful. The workmanship that went into those buildings are priceless. Nor flowers but very nice.

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