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Extend the Day

I could not think of a catchy title and its to be perfectly honest a crappy picture but I like the colors in it.  This was shot on a Minolta 28mm 3.5 manual focus through my car window at a light which you can just see turning green in the right hand corner.  So I had to manually focus and hope for the best.  I reviewed the shots taken with this lens and it might be on its way out as its a bit “soft” even when stopped down.  I’ll go through the images closer and make a call before a camera show this weekend.  At least enjoy the colors which is what this image is about.

Extend the Day

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I like the photo because of the color. That blue sky is very nice. The copper look from the lower landscape is nice. Not much on cranes but they are a fact of life. I like when the builder puts an American Flag or even a Christmas tree. Good photo

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