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There is a President

Happy Presidents Day here in America meaning its a holiday for most of us not in retail jobs or some other equally soul sucking employment where you are forced to work holidays.  While traditionally we use this holiday for Presidents Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson I think its rather unfair that the others don’t get recognized.  Thats the reason for the picture other than me being lazy and processing the backlog I have knowing I bagged this one.  So in the bottom right hand corner there is a statue of President Garfield.  I know nothing about him other than his statue is in the picture and it damn well counts for a Presidents Day post!  For the inquiring minds, shots on the mighty Canon 330HS.  The other camera had macro lenses.  Those images will be displayed when I’m not feeling particularly lazy.  Double bonus points if you figure out where I Photoshopped the crane out of the image.



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I love this picture of the capital. The blue sky makes it look so pretty. It is one of the best ones I have seen. It should be on a postcard.

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