Rush Hour Sunset

I admit to being mildly stupid for taking this picture.  Yes, I was behind the wheel and just waved the camera forward and snapped the shot.  My entire composition technique was point in the general direction and hope for the best.  It seemed to work.  The other issue with this picture was with the East Coast getting hammered by snow I had lots of splatter on the front window.  I spent a wee bit of time using the healing brush in Photoshop to get it to this state.  In the end, its usable.  I went with the 16×9 crop to give it a bit of expansive feel.  For the record, nope, I didn’t punch any colors thats straight out the camera.  All hail the mighty Canon 330HS.

Rush Hour Sunset

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I like the beautiful sunset. The skies with their many colors are a delight to see on our drive home or going somewhere in the evening right before sundown. Nice you caught the true beauty so many people do not pay attention to. The art is all free for those who which to view it.

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