Crystal Shadows with a Splash of Red

I am feeling in a abstract mood.  I really like how the light played off the crystals and cast unique shadows.  When I saw the image in color and noticed the red purse/bag (Hey I’m a guy like I know the difference!) and I knew when I converted the image to black and white it would remain in color just to give the image an additional focal point.  There are so many textures going on in this image along with the shadow and light.  The film quality in the grain gives it some warmth as well so I left it alone.  Sometimes you just create an image based on how you think it should look and this is one of them. It’s not about technical ability but about what you are trying to convey.

Crystal Shadows with a Splash of Red

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I liked the photo. Enlarging it make for a more delightful and clear shot at the light on the crystals and the shadows it cast on the ceiling and walls. I also wanted to see what else was on the shelves besides the red purse. It is shoes for sale. Classy display.

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