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The Distant Hills

I just like the distant hills in the background with a grain silo ever so visible in the distance.  The dramatic sky adds to it along with just the flatness of the landscape that lets you know you are in winters grasp.  I went for a 16×9 crop to give it a more expansive feel and because this was shot in RAW versus the last image I could get away with adding some drama into the clouds this time and not have it pixilate all over the place.  I’m really just trying out new stuff to test myself so if these images don’t excite can completely understand.

The Distant Hills

2 replies on “The Distant Hills”

I do like your photos. They are gorgeous. It is nice to find the beauty in the winter with the landscape and the beautiful sky. I would place it on my desktop background but I am still on the road that holds lots of memories but I do enjoy your nature scenes.

I have had to change my background screen two days in a row. Yesterday’s river photo was gorgeous and so is today’s. You are on a roll. Keep going.

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