This Old Barn

I really tried to make this one black and white but just could not pull it off.  Skies have a bad habit of showing pixels and your choice is reducing noise and the losing detail in your focal object is a nightmare of editing everything by pixel peeping and using the various tools in Lightroom and Photoshop to get it picture perfect.  I throw this stuff up on a web at a reduced resolution already so I drop pixels and making it grainy.  I spent an hour trying to tweak as is and I finally said enough.  I do like the moody sky and the barn just starting to show off its age.  There was a windstorm coming in at the moment of the pictures which made the sky as moody as it was even though it was only about 1 in the afternoon.  I like it enough to share but its not my finest work.

This Old Barn

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Like your picture. The barn is in need of some TLC but most let it go until the insurance won’t cover it any longer or it is leaning and is needed for equipment or hay bales. The sky is beautiful. Love the blue. Since you are in a higher elevation where this picture is taken, I think the sky displays beautiful colors no matter what the weather is and the setting sun, evening sky, is a works of art most nights.

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