Stuck On

I have lots of images that I never processed before I left for Thailand and not overwhelm everyone with Thailand pictures I’ll change it up a bit.  I would have used some in Thailand but sadly my library was at home and pulling down the backups would have been a nightmare as they were shot in RAW and internet speeds in Thailand aren’t what you called blazing fast.  This picture was taken with the mighty Canon 330 of the leaf stuck to my windshield.

Stuck On

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Great shot! The colors of Fall you captured well. The brilliant red leaves of Fall made the tree beautiful. Thanks for the nice shot.

Wonderful and vivid photograph! Really detailed and stunning! The red in the leaf is so rich and vibrant! Not to mention the angle at which the shot was taken is superb! Wonderful work!

Thank you. It was shot in all of 30 seconds with my Canon 330HS point and shoot that I had gotten the day before as a go anywhere camera that beats my phone. I really can’t say enough good things about the camera and I have put it through its paces.

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