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Into the Fog

I have been told no more night moves for awhile so I’ll call this one into the fog. I had to work late one night and to kill time before going to work I took a camera and a walk.  For some reason the fog and the lens I was using the Panasonic 20mm 1.7 weren’t making a happy couple.  A lot of the images were just too out of focus to use but these two turned decent enough.  The crane shot is in color which is hard to believe but it is.  The light and the fog produced the weird effects in the fog so I kept them in there and the building with the tree just makes for an interesting image.

Into the Fog Into the Fog


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I liked your pictures. The crane in the dark foggy night and the office building as you photographed it through the tree that is almost bare of its leaves. Winter is approaching quickly as the tree reflects the season.

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