Night Moves – The Steeple

Night Moves – The Steeple

I saw this going home one night and I have shot the front of the church before but really liked the light coming from the front and illuminating the steeple from the back.  I have been watching Ming Thein’s Compact Camera Masterclass so I had the Canon Elph 330HS with me so I stopped and took this picture.  This was handheld, spot metered, and at ISO 800.  Yes, I did some editing in Lightroom and some Photoshop sharpening as well.  I really like how it came out considering the camera used and hand held.

Night Moves: Steeple

2 thoughts on “Night Moves – The Steeple

  1. Don’t hate Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. To be perfectly honest I hate the song. Its just a nice way to tag images that were taken at night. It gives it the sense of drama or something.

    While you have no idea what I am talking about camera wise, assume the cheap camera you use took that picture. Pretty freaking cool!

  2. It’s lovely, but we have been Night Moved to death. Time to find a new song.
    I suggest:
    Shadows of the Night
    Somewhere in the Night
    Into the Night
    One of These Nights
    Fly By Night
    I Love the Night Life (long live disco!)
    In The Heat of the Night (summer only, please)
    Give one a try!

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