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Some Color

Was back in the office and of course I had a camera on me.  What seems to be my goto camera recently is the Canon ELPH 330HS since it fits nicely in my pocket, has wifi connectivity, and amazing battery life.  I saw the flowers sitting on the reception desk to I figured why not test the macro mode on the camera and see what can be done.  Well, behold the shots on a point and shoot camera and the ability to spend 10 minutes in Lightroom.  I do tweak more in Photoshop but its mainly with adding the border/watermark and then bumping the sharpness and noise reduction through some tricks.  I’m amazed at what this camera is doing.  Not going to replace any of my expensive gear but if I had to pick a camera to get me through a day of random shooting for fun I would take it over any of my others.

IMG_0097 IMG_0094 IMG_0092 IMG_0090

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Beautiful orchids and what looks like a spider mum. Took the spider mum for desktop. Orchid did not show their true beauty on the desktop. Photoshop or not, they are a work of art.

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