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Imperfect Yellow

I have sat on this and figured why not.  It’s not a perfect image but after the day I had as I edit this in the wee hours of the morning with still several more hours of work still left to do because of a an imperfection.  I thought, why not show off that not everything that isn’t perfect is horrible.  So enjoy imperfect yellow.

For those of you that are photo gear nuts.  This is straight out of the camera jpeg and look at what it was shot at.  All errors are by yours truly.

Fuji X100S, 35mm, ISO 2000, f/2.8, 1/40

2 replies on “Imperfect Yellow”

I like the beautiful rose! It is so perfect. I keep my pictures so I have them for my desk top to enjoy. Do not get lovely flowers or beautiful fall skies and changing of the season every day but when I do, they are keepers. Thanks for the rose.

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