Architecture Black and White Landscapes

Feeling Abstract

I bought the the Sigma because of the foveon sensor that is in it.  It captures red, green, and blue on its own sensor instead of being layered on top of each other like a normal sensor.  I have only shown black and white images out of it but they are some of the most detailed images I have seen come out of a camera.  The file sizes are comparatively tiny when I hold them up against my Olympus or Fuji and the Canon just laughs at points at them but none can match the exquisite detail that I am seeing.

The images I have shot are just stuff to stretch my creative eye.  This one is more abstract shooting through the clear awning to the building and then deliberately darkening everything so the white building really popped.  Nothing overly spectacular but I like the effect.

Feeling Abstract
Sigma DP1, 28mm, ISO 100, f/6.3, 1/50