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The Bride To Be

I recently acquired a Sigma DP1 and went out with a photo walk with it around work.  I recently shot a wedding so I found it funny I stumbled across a bride and her bridesmaid’s doing their shoot in this public square.  I worked around the photographer and took the shots I wanted then wandered back out of sight and then snapped this shot with the mighty DP1.  The Sigma DP1 is quirky to say the least and the guy who sold it to me gave me three batteries.  After one our I was already down one battery bar and I I shot less then 100 shots.  I had to bump the ISO on this shot to 200 but the camera is happy at 50 or 100.  I knew the technical flaws of the camera but the sensor is fantastic and this shot is very cool for a 4 year old camera.

The Bride to Be
Sigma DP1, 28mm, ISO 200, f/4.0 1/100