Black and White Street Photography

Lost in Thought

I received my latest toy that requires I sell a few other toys to fund this ones purchase but I pulled the trigger on a Fuji X100S.  I meant to buy a Panasonic GX7 but for some reason Amazon directed me to the X100S instead.  I don’t regret the decision at all.  One of the things that irritated me on my last round of travel was that I often had the Panasonic LX7 which is decent but the 1/1.7 sensor was driving me nuts.  Great if the light was perfect, not so great if it wasn’t and noise became a huge problem in low light.  I could have carried my OMD-EM5 but I didn’t always like having that much camera out and about on an evening of bar hopping or wandering around.  Granted the X100S is just as much with a cheap lens but I wanted a camera that I could toss in cargo shorts pockets and not worry about it.  Hence, I bought the X100S.

There is some irony going on here in that the X100S is known for its colors and trust me, they are gorgeous but when I snapped this picture I know it was going to be in black and white.  The other irony is I used DxO Film Pack and selected Kodak T-Max 400 for the film look.  Go me.

Enjoy the picture!

Lost in Thought
Fuji X100S, 23mm, ISO 320, f/2.8, 1/680