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I know I haven’t posted much but I was in Thailand and my choice was sit in a room and process pictures or go out and take pictures.  I took the latter instead of the former.  The internet being what is was also contributed in not posting as it was so slow it wasn’t worth the effort.  As I dump images off the cards into my main editing machine I’m going back through. In Thailand I shot a lot of bands which of course play at night. So not sure how much is relevant for posting here but I found this one from Chicago I really liked and I knew when I took it that it would end up black and white.  I happened to be walking by this in Chicago and saw it and had to take it.  The two guys just sitting there just add that certain something.  Enjoy.

Panasonic LX7, 24mm, ISO 800, f/1.4, 1/100

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Good to see you back with your photos that open the world to us. The bike is interesting. Not sure of its meaning but the photo has such depth that makes one ponder.

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