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Welcome to Americana

Where I work is a weird little slice of the world with with million dollar homes, mega buildings, subways systems, and so on mixed in with quaint little neighborhoods.  So seeing how I hadn’t been on a photo walk in a while and have neglected my Lecia 25mm (50mm equivalent) it was time to hit the streets, plus it was an excuse for skipping the gym that morning.  I meandered my way down the streets and just shot what struck my fancy.  I drive past this house every day getting to work so I stopped and shot it.  I know from the picture it looks a little “off” but its not at all.  Its my inner editor at work.  If I had to guestimate a dollar amount on it its worth about $500,000 with it easily going for $600,000.  I took it black and white and while I am not a fan of selective color I left the shutters their original color and bumped the color on the flag but its in the shadows.  I like it and thats all that matters.   Enjoy!

PS – If you get the song reference.

Welcome to Americana
E-M5, 25mm, ISO 400, f/4.5, 1/400

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Love the old little house. I am sure it holds great memories of a family or more. Old house cost a lot to upkeep but they seem to have soul. The photographer is correct, this house where it sits is worth a lot more than the structure, it is the land. Believe this house is in Bethesda and Bethesda has changed over the years from a sleepy little burb outside of DC. to a mega business environment with lots of up and coming young people.

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