Little Church

This church is maybe 5 minutes from my house and I drove past it a lot and never really thought about it.  Then I realized it would be a very cool place to shoot at night so I did.  Was a bit of a challenge with the tripod almost to the ground and the Canon 5DMK2 doesn’t have a flip out LCD so it was a lot of time laying on the ground looking a the LCD and focusing off it.  I got the exposure perfect for the shot and shot of me removing the harsh tungsten light color out, this is straight out the camera.  Very pleased.

PS – The weird trail in the sky is not pixilation.  It’s a jet.

Little Church
Canon 5DMK2, 17mm, ISO 200, f/9, 37 seconds


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  1. Very pretty little church. Looks quite old. Old churches like older homes have character. Would love to peep inside. Most are very simple house of worships.