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Korean War Memorial

I am doing this one by request so no flashy title.  My Dad was in the Korean War, not that he was ever on a patrol or in a platoon like these guys but the memorial still stands in honor for people like him who did serve.  He never comments on my photos but has become a wiz at the Kindle Fire HD I got him so hopefully he can surf to it and enjoy the photo or THE MOM can take him to it (HINT HINT).

This shot was a bit of a nightmare to get because the light was horrible and I could not focus off the viewfinder at all because it was just too dark to see.  Switching to live view I could manual focus the best I could with a small screen and hoped for the best.  I aimed focus at the face because it was the most dramatic.  I think in the end I captured the essence of the memorial.

Canon 5DMK2, 40mm, f/5.6, ISO 200, 3 Seconds

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The picture will be shared with dad who I know will be proud of his son for recognizing his dad’s service in Korea.

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