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I really can’t think of a catchy title for this one. It was literally the last shot of the night and I was exhausted, sweaty, and to be perfectly honest, smelling myself and Super Dave who was experiencing night shoots for the first time.  We were both ragged after close to 4 hours of photography and I totally forgot I had a ball head and I could easily do a vertical shot so I locked the camera into vertical and shot three frames.  I like this one best because it had the two silhouettes walking out of of the memorial.  I really like how the light captures the names on the wall and you got the light reflecting off the Washington Monument coming in the walkway.  I know some readers (hello family members) love the color but in this case, black and white makes the picture.

Canon 5DMK2, 17mm, ISO 200, f/5.0, 10 sec.

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Your picture is perfect. I think the black and white and your title “Remember” speaks volumes.

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