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Preserver of the Union

I normally let photos sit for a bit so I’m not emotionally attached to them but as I was dumping these from the CF card I took a quick peek and I had to just go and publish it.  Its the iconic shot of Abraham Lincoln that almost everyone takes so I don’t claim to be special here.  I just really liked how it turned out.  I was dead in front of the statue, planting my tripod, focusing and firing off the shots to make sure I got it.  This is all natural lighting from the building itself.  Just used a long exposure to get it.  While I’m a huge fan of my micro four-thirds cameras, the full frame goodness of my Canon 5DMK2 makes itself known.  There is just a richness to the images that the camera produces that I haven’t seen touched except by other full frames and then moving beyond them to medium format.


Preserver of the Union
Canon 5DMK2, 26mm, ISO 200, 10 sec.

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The photo is really nice. As back in his day to current, we need more men and women like Lincoln today. Much has changed but more is needed in our lives.

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