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Purple Explosion

More plant stuff as I slowly work my way through the images.  I call this purple explosion!  The plant is obviously purple with yellow and greenish bits in the middle.  I like the green leaves in the back to give it some contrast and make the colors pop.  So enjoy the purple explosion!

Purple Explosion
E-M5, 60mm, ISO 400, f/8.0, 1/160

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I really take them for THE MOM who happens to be my mother according to her when its her birthday or Christmas and wants a gift. She reminds me she went through labor with me. You would never guess I put about zero effort into shooting these things. I’m not a chimpper. I fire the shot(s) and call it a day. If I got it great, if not oh well. Only if you pay me do I chimp. Most of the magic happens in post where I have nailed my work flow and know what I want. I tend to go darker but thats me, my inner moody artist (least I tell myself that).

I don’t view photography as some marvel and it should not be super serious (unless getting paid) and it should be fun. It’s more about just getting out and seeing things and enjoying them. The images are just secondary.

Yeah well, when shooting flowers you’ve generally got all the colour and form you need and need to only adjust angles and shadows I suppose. I not really an ‘editing-junkie’ either. Just get it the way I like it (whether it’s technically jaw-dropping or not) and get it out there. 😀

Love the purple beauty that is now my background. The Iris is a wonderful late Spring flower. The photographer has captured its beauty in this shot.

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