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The Witch Doctor

Why my Mother called dragonflies Witch Doctors I have absolutely no idea.  I would liken it to why the sky is blue but I know that one and the same for why zebras have stripes.  Science is your friend for useless facts like that and I’m loaded with them.  Why its called a witch doctor no earthly idea but I’m sure its on the internets some where if I really bothered to look but I’ll keep the air of mystery around this one for the sake of the story and the reasoning of the picture.

I was shooting a pond with 15 to 30 second exposures with my Canon and kept my E-M5 handy with the 60mm macro lens.  I saw the dragonflies flitting around but knew with a long exposure on the Canon no way could I capture them.  This little guy/girl flew pasted me and alighted (I’m full of flowery words) on the leaf.  Seeing how I had a camera handy with a macro lens, behold the ending result.  I shot about 12 frames and this one is the best so enjoy.

The Witch Doctor
E-M5, 60mm, ISO 400, f/8.0, 1/125

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Fun picture! The smiling Snake Doctor/Dragon Fly is on my desktop this morning. Your granddad took his 4-daughters on walks through the woods and he had a name for every bug, flower, snake that any of us wanted to know what it was. Most names were fun names I come to find out later in life. Enjoyed those walks with my dad.

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