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Spike Walker

More flora and fauna pictures!  Since I am becoming an expert on this stuff, thats a bee with a green back (proper name) and the flower is a purple petal with orange spikes (proper botanical name).  I didn’t fiddle too much with this one.  Just lowered the light a bit and played with the contrast and balanced out the blacks and shadows to make the histogram happy that I wasn’t making them too dark.  I like the fact that the orange spiky bits (proper botanical term) isn’t centered.  It draws the eye and makes you take in the whole picture.  Need I mention the creamy bokeh?  The Olympus 60mm Macro is an amazing lens!

Spike Walker
OMD-E-M5, 60mm, ISO 250, f/5.6, 1/500

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Cute flower. Photographer has been out doing himself and I must say, I love it. This beauty is now on my desk top for me to enjoy. Don’t believe I have ever seen a bee like that. Anyway, he is enjoying the flower and contributing to the life cycle by his work.

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