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Sense of Distance

I posted this before and I didn’t realize it until I finished the edits and did the export into PhotoShop that it gently reminded me I already went through the edits.  The thing is, I wasn’t happy with the first edit I did but posted it anyways.  I went way too much on the gradient and it was way too blue.  This time I let the natural colors take over and if I did anything I lowered the blue in the photo.  This was shot shortly after the golden hour so the light was behind me which is why the pier was harsh but the rest was still so blue.  So this time I bumped some other colors and really made an effort to show the boats in the distance along with the bridge with the dawn just being finished with its colors.  It gives it a sense of distance and hence its name.

I promise some new stuff tomorrow but I was really pleased with how it came out this time versus before I just wanted to re-share.

Sense of Disance
OMD-EM5, 20mm, ISO 250, f/16, 1/250