Black and White Street Photography Travel-Tourism

Imitation of Life

Was walking along and saw these two ladies but more so, saw their reflections in the window and I thought it was be an interesting picture.  I got more than I bargained for with the entire area around me captured in the reflection.  I did a photo walk with just my Panasonic GX1 and my Panasonic 20mm lens (40mm on sensor).  I have so many cameras and lenses that I sometimes have to force myself to use some of my gear.  I am not one of those photographers that believes in shooting with the same camera and lens combo for an absurd amount of time so I can “see” the world in that frame and know it.  You don’t use a hammer to tighten a bolt and photography is similar to me.  Cameras are tools to be used along with the lenses with them.  Use what is best for the job and moment.  In this case, I wanted to go light and not worry about zoom or a bag full of lenses.

Panasonic GX1, 20mm, ISO 160, f/5.6, 1/320