Is a Rose still a Rose

Is a Rose still a Rose

*** It was pointed out by a friend that these are tulips.  I really am that clueless when it comes to flowers!***

I wanted black and white (or close enough) roses since I was staying in a hotel room and saw them on the wall framed.  I know roses are supposed to be colorful but the black and white stuff just really called to me and made them something more than just flowers.  You would never guess I really am not into shooting them, I am just good at it having cut my teeth on them.  If you are new to photography you shoot flowers and your pets.  While my cat is no longer with me, she was a subject of many experiments and gear tests.  My sister swears I turned her blind during the flash photography phase.

The interesting thing about both these pictures is they were shot with my Sony A58 (10 days for repair!) before it went wonky and the 18-55 kit lens.  You can get this camera for all of $550 now and while I have my camera prejudices its an amazing camera with a magnificent sensor.  I now use it as my backup and zoom lens camera for shoots.  It’s that good.  If you are thinking about a new camera look at the Sony lineup because its built to impress and the dirty little secret of the industry is that Sony does most of the sensors in cameras these days.

This picture isn’t a true black and white.  To be completely honest, I was doing some editing in Nik Effects and hit the wrong button but according to Bob Ross there are only happy mistakes.  I could have fixed it but I liked the blue-ish color that I got.  The picture isn’t about the outer rose but the inner bits (proper botanical term) and how the light plays off it.  It gives it an air of mystery.

Blue-ish Rose
Sony A58, 55mm, ISO 125, f/5.6, 1/100

This one is the true black and white (well selenium) and I went with basically the medium format crop on it.  I think it focuses the attention on the unopened rose.  The lack of true color brings out the water drops on it and makes it more interesting and with the beautiful bokeh on the background and the noise ever so slightly creeping in gives it that medium format feel (must resist buying medium format camera).

Sony A58, 55mm, ISO 800, f/5.6, 1/100
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