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Art Deco Building

I really like Baltimore as a place to shoot.  It’s just has a feel to it that I don’t get in Washington DC which is closer to home.  If you grew up and work around DC you know it for what it is, a city full of transients working for the government in one way or another.  People come into DC to make a name and then go back home.  Oh, there are those of us that have been here forever but mostly its just people passing through.  This doesn’t make DC a bad place, just not one of permanence.  The other thing about DC is that its a national capital meaning its a show piece to be looked at and admired.  With Baltimore you don’t have a lot of that.  It’s a gritty blue collar town that is apart of the rust belt of America that is slowly shifting itself into a financial center that bridges DC and NY.  It’s often the overlooked city on the East Coast with Boston, NY, Philadelphia  DC, and Atlanta the big cities that draw the attention.  It’s a great place to shoot with interesting people with a funny, all their own accent, great architecture, an amazing harbor and ease to get about.  Like all cities there are places I would avoid, but for the most part its a great place to take a stroll around with a camera.

One final note, this was the last set of images I shot with the A58 before it got shipped back to Sony.  It picked up a bug of the higher the aperture the more over exposed the image got.  Hopefully they will fix it quickly as the only long range zooms I have are with the Sony.  Still, not bad for a “cheap” consumer level camera image!

Art Deco Building
Sony A58, 28mm, ISO 100, f/9.0, 1/80