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Awaiting Takeoff

Sticking with the aircraft theme.  This is a Japanese bomber of some sort.  Not being an aviation junkie I don’t know the make, model, or serial number.  I just knew it would be a cool picture because of the way the plane was sitting.  The lighting was problematic with back lighting and having to use a high ISO to get the shoot and the fact the camera may have switched to manual mode and the photographer (clearly this is a gear issue and not the photographer checking his settings) didn’t realize it.  One of the other joys is the Panasonic 7-14 has a bit of a an issue of putting purple blobs on images that sometimes can be corrected depending on where they are or just pretend that the purple is part of the picture.  I know where they are on this plane and I attempted to correct it but the more I did the worse it looked so I left them.  Extra points to anyone who could in theory point them out considering I converted it to black and white.  I also went with the 16×9 crop to give it that bigger feeling to the image.  It’s a bit noisy but I think the grain gives it a film look so I left it instead of just removing it.

There is some irony in this picture of a Japanese bomber, thats the Enola Gay’s tail in the background.

Waiting Takeoff
OMD-EM5, 7mm, ISO 1600, f/4.0, 1/60