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I admit that I am a lazy git when it comes to processing images.  If I didn’t feel somehow less of a photographer if I shot in jpeg I think I would process faster but then again, I would still end up tweaking and be in the same boat with thousands of unprocessed images.  One of these days someone will pay me to do this full-time and I can sit at home and process, then again, I have been paid and I’m still lazy about processing until I get in the mood to sit and fiddle in Lightroom for a few hours.  I used to be able to bang out an image in a matter of minutes but now with the tools I am using to enhance what the camera is producing I am much slower as I tweak out my workflow.

This is the Space Shuttle Discovery which is the second shuttle I have shot.  I guess I am lucky in that I have shot two in my life and they were both 10 minutes away from Induced Chaos HQ.  Using the Panasonic 7-14 on the OMD allowed me to shoot this at a relatively slow shutter speed with decent depth-of-field in low light.  Tweaked out in Nik Tools then processed some additional processing in Photoshop to remove noise and here is the end result.

OMD-EM5, 10mm, ISO 1600, f/4.0, 1/60

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