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Big Bad Voodoo Moon

I debated on Van Morrison’s Moon Dance but instead went with Joe Satriani’s Big Bad Voodoo Moon for the title.  First time I have shot with my Sony A58 on a tripod along with a 400mm lens.  I’m used to long exposures at night to collect details but with the moon being bright I had to play with settings until I got it.  Things got a bit noisy in the corp as I kept bringing out the features in the moon.  Not perfect but it works for me as a first time attempt at shooting the moon.

Big Bad Voodoo Moon
Sony A58, 400mm, ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/125

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Love the picture of the moon. This is call the biggest brightest moon because of the change in the season. It signals the longest day of the year and then we start to loose days. First day of Summer. Did not see it in the sky but this is very nice.

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