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Roosevelt Bridge

I used to drive across this damn bridge every day when I worked in DC.  Thankfully my job is more enlightened now and I have to drive across the American Legion Bridge but thats a different story.  Now for something completely different, I used my Canon 5DMK2!  Yes, the expensive camera that collects a lot of dust unless someone pays me.  Well, speaking of dust it had a lot of it on the sensor which I didn’t realize until I started looking at these photos in Lightroom and it looked like a petri dish had exploded on the sensor.  So its now in the shop where it is happily getting clean.

I debated on turning this black and white but I loved the blue sky and how it reflected off the river.  Yes, I did some color correction to the image to bring out the contrast but that is almost 90% out of the camera.  I think my recent forays into night photography shall continue.  I might even learn to love my Canon and a tripod.

Roosevelt Bridge
Canon 5DMK2, 35mm, ISO 200, f/22, 15 sec.

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Very Impressive shot. I find it amazing how the camera can take some good shots in the dark even without enhancements.

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