Black and White Street Photography


I debated on this image and have two shots.  One that is in focus and this one.  I’ll tell some details I’m deliberately hiding in the image.  First off, he’s out of it completely and totally.  He’s a huffer meaning he sniffs chemicals to get high.  His fingers are blackened by paint which you can’t see in this image except a hint where he holds the cup.  The cane/crutch is a prop and likely a defensive weapon.  The third thing is his clothes are clean and his shoes are taken care of.  The final point is his face is hidden to mask the paint stains on it.  He was so listless that he never even shook the cup like a normal beggar with the coins rattling in it to attract your attention.  The other people in the stalls around him ignored him which means he wasn’t want.  Normally beggars are regulars and “work” certain areas and the locals know who they are and you can catch them in conversations if you stay around long enough.  No one wanted him around as no one spoke to him.

I titled the image lost and gave it a bleak feel because thats what this persons life is, just lost.


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Sad to see but choices we all make. You are right, his clothes are clean and he is very tidy looking. We have “professional” panhandlers that come to the church’s parking lots in SW Florida. It has gotten so bad that they announce in church to lock your car doors and leave windows tightly shut and do give to them. They do this for a living. Must say, they are not clean looking but look like alcoholics and drug addicts that have not seen water for some time.

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