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Around the Taco Stand

The taco stand or food stand is ubiquitous around Tijuana and they are cheap and delicious to eat at.  When I first went to Tijuana tacos were $1 but now they are up to $1.20 because of the economy and I can live with that.  They are made fresh right in front of you and have lots of choices for toppings.  It’s interesting watching who comes around the stands and at night you get a bit more flavor for lack of better terms but everyone is there for one thing, tacos!

Taco Stand
Thinking Dinner
Taco Stand
Sing me a song
Taco Stand
Pleasant guy. Had to hear about his back problems.
Taco Stand
Waiting for Tacos
Taco Stand
The Taco Man!





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Nice pictures. I think it is fun to visit a country different than ours. I am sure while the photographer enjoyed the local food, he enjoyed the music and snapped some pictures of the local folk. Must have been a nice visit.

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