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Tijuana At Night

I spent time in Tijuana when I was on the West Coast and it is a city I do enjoy as the people are friendly and the food is amazing.  I know Tijuana gets a lot of bad press but trust me, no one is dodging bullets over there unless you are in the drug trade.  I speak with some authority on this having spent a lot of time there and carrying around a camera and doing street photography.  With that out of the way, this magical shot is a vista view of Tijuana at night shot from a window in my hotel that had no glass in it so I was able to put the camera out the window.  The Panasonic LX 7 which has shot almost all of the recent stuff I have showed has been a beter performer since I read a book on it.  Turns out there is a setting called Hand Held Night Shot and this is a product.  The only downside its jpeg but don’t think it mattered here.  What the camera does is fire off a set of images and then digitally encodes to make a picture to reduce image shake and so on.  I processed it in LightRoom then ran it into Dfine then ran it through ColorEfx and did a detail enhance and then a color contrast.  Hello photographic magic!

Tijuana At Night
Panasoic LX7, 24mm, ISO 500, f/1.4, 1/8

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