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Sanctuary of Truth

I have tons of pictures of the Sanctuary of Truth but I never really processed them because my post processing wasn’t up to snuff back then.  I also shot this using the gone, but not forgotten Canon XSi and the venerable Tamron 18-200mm lens that has a few issues (like being so soft its mushy).    This is a hero shot of the place that anyone going to it usually takes one way or another.  The funny thing is that Big Daddy and myself went to this place on my first trip to Thailand and we paid like 800 Baht ($30) to get picked up in a van and given tickets and we had like 2 hours.  When I shot this another friend and I hopped a Baht Bus or Song Toew or translated two seats because its just a back of a small pickup with two bench seats.  Total cost, 10 Baht and 500 Baht to get in and wander around.  Lot cheaper when you know what you are doing!

Sanctuary of Truth
Canon XSi, 18mm, ISO 400, f/4.0, 1/1000

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Picture is very interesting. Sanctuary of Truth – truth of what? Leaves me wondering what the design means since it is so different.

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