Architecture Landscapes


I drive past this mansion everyday on my way to work.  It sits on a huge plot of land in a prime area and it has been for sale for years that I can remember.  My guess is that its at least a $5,000,000 sale because of the land that has a stream running through it along with a gated driveway, garden, and I didn’t even explore the back half of the place.  Its posted no trespassing but I view that more of a suggestion like speed limits then really a law.  Plus it was for art damn it!

The light was harsh when I took this picture and I wanted the image to appear as ragged as it was in life and I could not do it by leaving it in color.  So off to editing with the final vision in my mind and making it look like it was shot on film and darkening it as much as possible.  I like it, may not be everyones idea but I like the noir style photo it produced.

Olympus OMD-EM5, 10mm, ISO 250, f/11, 1/60