Out of the Darkness and into the Light

I admit to making this one creepy.  Normally I do a straight black and white but I figured why not play around with Silver Efx Pro and have some fun.  I liked how the image goes from darkness into light and I blew out the light on purpose to make it have the effect.  I have no idea whose grave it is, you can read a name if you are inclined.  The grave itself isn’t creepy for the record and the church itself is rather cool.  It’s the Zion Church of the City of Baltimore if anyone is inclined to shoot in the area.

Out of the Darkness and into the Light
Panasonic LX7, 24mm, ISO 80, f/8.0, 1/125

3 thoughts on “Out of the Darkness and into the Light”

  1. Graves aren’t creepy. The picture you created makes a statement. God’s love shines on us always. You just proved it by taking this picture. Everything is right in the world!

    1. I just shot the picture with the intentional play of light. I have attempted to explain this to you before, the original image versus what I wish to show are two different things. It’s an image, not a metaphor for religion.

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