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City Dome

I believe this is the City of Baltimore’s government offices but I haven’t a clue to be honest. I shot this with the Panasonic LX7 and I still haven’t figured out if I hate the camera or not. I love my EVF for it but I can just as easily put this on the GX1 and carry a bag full of lenses, but the beauty of having 24-90mm on a small portable camera is an idea I like. I’m just not sure I can learn to like the camera.

The image itself is what I wanted and while the sky is slightly blown out I could not darken it anymore because it messed with the dome and building too much. I happily figured out how to use the ND filter after this picture so I’ll keep pressing the shutter button until I either throw the camera at a wall in disgust, sell it for a fraction of its value or learn to tolerate it.

City Dome
Panasonic LX7, 38mm, ISO 80, f/8.0, 1/200

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Liked the picture of the old architecture. Baltimore is an old city with much charm in the buildings and the people. Lots of old factories long gone out of business are now expensive condos with great views, at the top, of the city’s charm.

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